公共事業への投資 ~安定と成長の両立を目指して~

The Premier Bank Corporation has invested in a highway establishment project in Indonesia.

Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world. Resources are also abundant, the living and electronic products are becoming entirely modernized.

The country's GDP has increased every year by 4-4.5% but on the other hand there are problems such as constant power shortages and urban traffic congestion.In particular, infrastructure development in Indonesia has not quite caught up with the country's rapid development.Also, there are only a few subways and freight trains for transportation.

The majority of traffic congestion is in the capital Jakarta. The traffic consists of all types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks and bicycles which have been well documented on Japanese news.

高速道路設立プロジェクト インドネシアの公共事業への投資

高速道路設立プロジェクト インドネシアの公共事業への投資

The maturity of the fund at one year has a fixed interest rate. It's a very good fund that can be compounded while operated and carried forward each year.

Since the fund's interest rate is fixed, the number is very small but these funds are popular all over the world. In order increase the stability and results, the fund needs to be totally squeezed and then it will have a limited sales frame.

It's in a state in which investors cannot buy even though they are wanting to.

Premier Bank has purchased superior financial instruments on a priority basis. It has been determined that Indonesia is a place where performance stability for the future will continue and we plan to be a part of that.

トランジャワ・スーパー・ハイウェイ 都市開発への先行投資

トランジャワ・スーパー・ハイウェイ 都市開発への先行投資

The highway currently under construction is 656km. It stretches from Jakarta to Surabaya where about 80% of the total population lives.

Currently, the distance between the 2 cities takes about 40 hours to drive but when the highway project is completed, the drive will take less than 10 hours. It is a highly important project and the public has high expectations.

The value of this highway has increased by 12% every year and you can expect further investment projects to come out of this closer to completion. Also, unlike private investments, we expect the risks of stable earnings to be small because it is a public investment.


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