Well-known areas include the Isle of Man in the UK and the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. There are more than 40 locations in countries and regions around the world.

Financial institutions have gathered all over the world in these regions and are also referred to as "offshore financial centres." Legal systems have also been established in these regions. Referred to as "offshore funds," these offshore areas are set funds and have been designated as the best place to conserve asset management and property.

The 2 biggest features of offshore funds are first "the safety of the height" and second can be cited as "the good of the yield."




Example Hong Kong (Closest Region to Japan) Japan
Consumption Tax 0% 8%
Income Tax 15% 40%
(Progressive taxation)
Corporate Tax 16.5% 40.69%
Separate Taxation
(e.g. interest rates)
0% 20.315%
Inheritance & Gift Tax 0% 55%
(Since April, 2011)

When Japan's tax rate is compared to that of the nearest region Hong Kong, the difference is clear. When engaging in investment activities, a low tax rate is a big advantage that is directly connected to profit. For the future of asset formation, keeping an eye on countries and regions with low rates is essential.


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