The benefits expected in real estate investment are divided mainly into 2 categories: "income gains" and "capital gains."

  • ・Income Gains (that of regularly expected income as rent)
  • ・Capital Gains (profits obtained by selling above the price of real estate purchased)

Utilizing its own global network, by prior investment in pre-built properties (before completion of the sale properties) and because they can be purchased from the price which is generally sold at a low cost, the benefit of the price difference occurs. From the prices and the real estate, we can expect further profit due to an increase in the price. With many of the properties owned by the Premier Bank Corporation, because capital gains tax (tax on capital appreciation) and inheritance tax are not included, you can expect more stable profits.

コンドミニアム マレーシアのリゾート開発への投資

コンドミニアム マレーシアのリゾート開発への投資

In Japan, what we call "mansions" are what the rest of the world calls "condominiums."

For each unit of a condominium has a different owner and can be bought. "THE HAVEN" condominium has a lake that is surrounded by marble that was built in ancient times in Ipoh City.We have units on the 20th floor of the 27-story condominium.

Premier Bank Co., LTD. offers each owner resale, leasing and rental income. It is possible to deal freely with the unit in whichever manner you choose and it's very suitable for investment and a stable asset to manage.

In addition to "THE HAVEN" being located in Ipoh City, which is about a 2-hour drive from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, it is also near Penang Island which is one of Malaysia's leading summer resorts. It's a very rich and natural place that is also close to Thailand.

レジデンス 都市開発への先行投資

レジデンス 都市開発への先行投資

The Premier Bank Corporation is currently involved in urban development in Malaysia. We have bought property/units in the Nadayu 28 Bandar Sunway residences (luxury tower apartment), which is a pre-built property (property before completion of the sale).

Because the prior investment can be purchased from the price, which is generally sold at a low cost, the benefits of the price difference can be generated and you can expect further benefits due to an increase in prices and real estate prices. From all of this, you can expect a profit from the rental costs.

"Nadayu 28" is currently a pre-built property under construction in the large township of "Sunway Integrated Resort City" which is located about 30 minutes by car from the capital of Kuala Lumpur. Also in development in Malaysia is the major project that will be known as "Sunway City." Sunway City will be a big business of real estate development, which is listed on the Malaysia Stock Exchange.

Established in 1974 as a tin-mining company, Sunway has thrived to become one of Malaysia’s largest and most formidable property-construction groups. In 2011, Sunway was ranked in the Top 3 in TPDA (Top Property Developer Award) and has become an award-winning property developer since then.

Peace of mind and a stable financial base are the most important things and the Singapore government fund GIC which boasts assets under management of the world's top class, have become the second largest major shareholders for SUNWAY. They have praised SUNWAY's development force and company brand and wanted to invest.

ソリネア セブ史上最高のコンドミニアム投資

ソリネア セブ史上最高のコンドミニアム投資

The #1 developer in the Philippines developed the luxury condominium "Solinea" over a 3-block configuration. This property has given attention and birthed a business centre in the second largest city of Cebu.

Solinea is in a preeminent location adjacent to the Cebu Ayala Centre (shopping mall). Near Solinea are many major attractions of Cebu and it is in a location that is both privileged and convenient in terms of lifestyle. You can believe that any one of the properties can enjoy improvements on the future in real estate value and the full benefits of rental demand.

The new condominiums in Cebu have increased in value more than 10% within a year and they have a high probability of selling. In many cases, they sold out along with the sale because it will be a popular investment property.

ONE PARK DRIVE 入居率99%という実績の人気物件

ソリネア セブ史上最高のコンドミニアム投資

The number of real estate companies in the Philippines continues to increase with economic growth. The Premier Bank Corporation owns some units on the 17th floor of the commercial real estate property "ONE PARK DRIVE." This residence is owned by the Philippines #1 developer Ayala Land.

Ayala Land's properties have a proven track record of an "occupancy rate of 99%" and the properties are usually flooded with people. The location is so popular because it has been built in the new business centre "Bonifacio Global City" and it has more buzz.

1016レジデンス アヤラが誇るセブ最高級コンドミニアム

ソリネア セブ史上最高のコンドミニアム投資

The 1016 Residence is located in the heart of Cebu City. It is a luxurious 25-storey building with 109 units. The Premier Bank Corporation owns C-Type Units on the 11th floor of 1016 Residence.

Located adjacent to the building is the luxurious "City Sports Club Cebu" and the Ayala business park. It is only a minute walk from the Ayala Centre, which is the largest shopping mall. It is known as the best location and very convenient.


ザアルコーブス(THE ALCOVES)

Cebu City, Philippines has rapidly seen the development of increased tourism and economic growth so further plans have been made for more condominiums and a new airport terminal. The Alcoves has been constructed by the #1 developer in the Philippines, Ayala. It is aiming to be the finest condominium with 37 floors.

It offers the best location and the top floor has an outlook pool and leisure area that's adjacent to the Ayala Centre which offers the best shopping. The Ayala brand is thorough and affluent and aims to achieve the highest quality and most enjoyable lifestyle.


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