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Premier Bank Ltd. Privacy Policy
Established: December 24th, 2010, Revised: March 1st, 2016

The Premier Bank Corporation is fully aware that to protect personal information is a social responsibility and we will strive to properly handle the following as personal information. (Hereafter referred to as the "Company")

1.Compliance With Laws and Regulations
●The Company, will comply with regulations and guidelines issued by the country stipulated for the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
2.Safety Management Measures
●The Company, will take necessary and appropriate measures to maintain the security and prevent the leakage of any personal data.
●When it comes to handling personal data with our employees, so that we can guarantee the safety of such information management, we will make necessary and appropriate supervision of all workers meticulously.
3.Ensured Accuracy
●The Company, will comply with regulations and guidelines issued by the country stipulated following the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
4.Proper Handling Of Personal Information
●The Company, when handling personal information, will determine as accurate as possible how to use such information.
●The Company, will not acquire any personal information by deception or other wrongful means.
●When we are to use your personal information, you will always be told in advance as soon as possible beforehand. You will be informed of the purpose, it's intended use and be notified promptly.
●Our company, when making a contract between us and customers, has a hard copy and a record is made that cannot be recognized by any electronic system but rather a magnetic method is used to help secure your information. If we need to obtain personal information from the customer, we need to get it directly, in writing from the customer in advance and the purpose of obtaining this information must be clearly stated.
●If we want to make changes to the purpose of use, we will not make changes that go beyond the scope of what was first discussed and only make changes that are relevant.
●If any changes are to be made for the purpose of use, you will be notified or told in advance.
●We will not provide personal data to a third party without obtaining prior consent.
5.Consignment of Personal Information
●The Company, entrusts the personal information to be within the scope of the purpose of use as identified previously.
●We are entrusted in the handling and management of personal data if you want to outsource all or part of it. You can make the necessary and appropriate supervision arrangements to ensure that the handling of your personal information is achieved.
6.Request for Disclosure, etc.
●We, at any time at the request of customers, can edit any data that they wish not be made known if they are not satisfied with the reason for the use of it (Hereafter will be referred to as "Disclosure"). We will correct, add or delete without delay if prompted by the customer.
●We, at time of request of customers, can stop the use of retained personal data or erase it if you are inclined to stop the provision to a third party (Hereafter will be referred to as the "suspension of use"). When the reason for the request is known, we will suspend the use of the retained personal data without delay.
●We are, for if all or part of the privacy policy is obtained from the customer, to explain or notify them of the reasons why you didn't need to take such measures.
7.Complaints & Inquiries
●We are obligated to appropriately and promptly process complaints about the handling of personal information.
●We are obligated to establish a system necessary to achieve the purpose set forth in the preceding paragraph.
8.Public Notice based on the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information."
Name or Name of the entity handling personal information
Name: Premier Bank Corporation
Representative: So Mayama
9.Use of Personal Data
Order handling, commodity shipping, payment management, guidance for such things as products and services
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