Premier Bank Inc. has introduced a customer comments section that you can use during your contract. Please refer to this section if you are interested in asset management in the future.


"More appealing than Tansu deposits in the house" ( Woman-Saitama)

There is also no interest rate even if deposited in a bank and even with government bonds towards banks, I was afraid that interest rate would be lower but it was okay if you need to cancel at any time after a year.

I thought that saving my money in my Tansu gave me the most peace of mind then suddenly, I received a call from Premier Bank.

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"With confidence, I feel that this is a reliable company." (Woman-Suginami)

I understood the company's operations and policy through social media blogs, Twitter, Facebook and SNS promotional material. I felt that Premier Bank Inc. was a very safe and reliable company.

We were feeling a little uneasy and anxious at first but after having consultation with the salespeople, who showed great empathy, we were able to feel at ease.

We were able to leave the consultation with a peace of mind.


"Highly attractive interest rates" (Woman- Setagaya)

Since the name Premier Bank Corporation was new to me, there was a shade of anxiety that I felt at the time of the first contract, even towards the person in charge.

Then, my anxiety soon changed to happiness as I was sent a flower arrangement for my birthday. It felt great that they remembered and paid attention to that small detail.

Because we were safely able to welcome the fund to maturity, we renewed the contract. It was again because of the highly attractive interest rates.


"The contract was also very attractive to me" (Woman-Yokohama)

From a company that has interests in overseas funds and in a timely fashion, I received a call from a person who is involved in such a business. Then I was given details about foreign funds.

I had confidence that the person I was speaking to was going to be in charge of managing my assets. I felt that they were good and sincere and we immediately decided to start a contract because it was very appealing to me.

I also agreed with their proactive approach to CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities.


"I'm very happy!" (Man-Yokohama)

My stock shareholdings were not rising as expected and then Premier Bank had told me about offshore funds and then I thought about investing in those. First of all, before investing, I wanted to know what kind of company they were and find out more details about them by visiting their headquarters in Shinagawa.

Recently because there is a lot of fraud, I was daring to ask difficult questions but they answered all of them and I felt that they were a reliable company capped by the fact that they met me face-to-face and answered everything I asked appropriately and politely.


Investment of the principal protection type also is the reason for the transaction (Woman-Yokohama)

There was a little anxiety at first but after talking with one of the salespeople, I was satisfied about their seriousness and attentiveness to detail.

I also was interested because trade investments have a fixed interest rate which is also a main feature of the principal protection type.